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These make it so easy!

If you have ever used Allen keys, you know how difficult the are to handle. I came up with a unique new solution.

Allen keys strain your hands before you can fully tighten screws. Their ergonomics are terrible, making them difficult to spin and a pain to use.

AllenMates transform the experience of using Allen keys into a pleasurable one. They allow you to quickly spin bolts into place, then fully torque with ease. A set of AllenMates fits ALL Allen keys up to 1/4″ or 6mm.

Through clever design and using a super strong magnet, the Allen key is securely held in place and can be instantly swapped with a different size.Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn bolt or spinning long screws into place, the AllenMate makes using Allen keys a joy. AllenMate’s different sizes and colors make it easy to identify the right Allen key during work. Users also appreciate the quality of the holder, which allows for effortless insertion and removal of the AllenMates. Everything is stored conveniently in place until needed.

People who have used AllenMates LOVE THEM!!! We have received fantastic feedback from various testers who used them for:

  • Assembling Ikea furniture
  • Bicycle repairs and adjustments
  • Hobbyists working in garage workshops
  • Auto mechanics dealing with hex socket bolts that require extra strength, especially in tight locations.
  • 3D printers and makers.
  • Individuals with arthritis can comfortably use Allen keys again.

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