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3D printing Design Guide


There are few things that might not be very obvious when designing for 3D printer. To ensure that the 3D printing process goes as smoothly as possible (and to save you time and money) keep in mind the following these easy steps…

3D Printed Express Toothbrush

When you brush your teeth, you probably miss the plaque hidden in the nooks and crannies of your chompers. But that’s because your toothbrush is a generic product made for thousands of different people with thousands of different mouths, to

Would You Eat 3D-Printed Meat?

3d printed meat

In August, the first lab-grown beefburger was cooked and tasted in London. The future of slaughter-less meat is not far off. In fact, scientists project it could be in the aisles of our supermarkets in 10 to 20 years. Andras

3D Printing from Nylon

3D printing from Nylon

Nylon is the new material currently being used in 3D printing. The most recognised product in this category is Taluman Nylon 618 – a very versatile printing material. Nylon does not require a heated bed, has low warp, and cooling

PLA vs. ABS Material, What Is The Difference?

ABS vs PLA material - what is the difference

You’ve got a 3D Printer, or you’re looking to buy a 3D Printer and each one seems to indicate it prints in either ABS, PLA, or both. So you find yourself wanting to know, what is the difference between ABS

3D Printed Jumbo Jet by Airbus

3D printed jumbo Jet - skeleton of the future

Designer Bastian Schaefer shows off a speculative design for the future of jet planes, with a skeleton inspired by strong, flexible, natural forms and by the needs of the world’s, ahem, growing population. Imagine an airplane that’s full of light

3D-Printed Casts

healing broken bones - 3D printed cast

Breaking a bone is unpleasant all around — and having to wear a smelly, clunky plaster cast is like getting kicked when you’re down. At least, that’s how Jake Evill felt after breaking his hand. Evill, a recent graduate of

What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work?

what is 3D printing and how it works

The 3D printing technology is used for both prototyping and distributed manufacturing with applications in architecture, construction, industrial design, automotive, aerospace, military, engineering, civil engineering, dental and medical industries, biotech (human tissue replacement), fashion, footwear, jewellery, geographic information systems, food, and many other fields.

7 Things You Must Know About 3D Printing

3D printing nozzle

It’s Slow. You can’t expect Replicators as in Star Trek. The most expensive commercial units take many hours, or even days, to produce even medium-sized objects. Consumer-grade 3D printers can be even slower. Your fastest print will be small objects,