3D Printing Service

Print-3d is a professional 3d printing service.

We print the files that you send via our contact page, whether it is one part or hundreds of parts.

Our standard material is PLA+, a bio-renewable plastic made from plant material.

We also offer TPU rubber, PETG, ABS and other thermoplastics. 

Call us for advise on which is best suited to your design and application.

In addition to standard FDM printers we offer SLA resin prints for high resolution parts. 

SLA printers can print resin 3D printers can make extremely fine and detailed models.

We offer polyurethane parts are that tougher than traditional SLA resin for ready to use parts.


  • figurines for board games
  • architectural models
  • prototypes
  • production runs for hundreds of the same thing
  • replacement parts for your older equipment or furniture
  • school or university projects
  • toys and novelties
  • electronics housings
  • moulds and stamps

Send us your design

Upload your file and we will send you a quote.

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3d printed figurine
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