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3D Printing

The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes such as (FDM) Fused Deposition Modelling. Parts are created layer by layer using extruded thermoplastics.


  • Durability – high-performance thermoplastics including PLA+, or even carbon fibre infused for extra strength and accuracy.
  • Fast manufacturing – We quickly turn your design into a 3D model and get it to your door.
  • Accurate printing for mechanical models.
3d printed figurine
CNC Machining

CNC Routing

CNC Routing is the process by which material is removed from a workpiece with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that cuts away unwanted material. Machining is possible on a wide range of materials. 


  • Machine a wide variety of plastic and metal material options.
  • Typical accuracy is +/- 0.05mm.
  • Ideal for flat parts made from sheets of plastic
  • Contact us to enquire about our range of  polycarbonate fishing lure bibs.

Available Materials


Carbon Fiber Infused

SLA (Liquid) Resin