3D Printing from Nylon

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3d printed vases

Nylon is the new material currently being used in 3D printing. The most recognised product in this category is Taluman Nylon 618 – a very versatile printing material. Nylon does not require a heated bed, has low warp, and cooling fans are not required for both big or tiny printing.

Nylon has amazing self-bonding properties making any FFF (layer-by-layer) printed objects very strong and less prone to de-lamination.

Taulman 618 Specifications:
Size – 3mm or 1.75mm Round
Color – Natural – Prints as a bright natural to white with a translucent surface. Add color with most common clothing dyes.
Temperature – 235C to 270C – Part/Speed dependent. 240C-250C is best for most parts at average printing speeds.
Tactile surface quality 2nd to none. Parts 3D Printed with taulman 618 Nylon co-polymer will be instantly recognizable as high quality polymer.
Chemically resistant to Alcohols, Resins+MEK, Oils, Acetone, Most all Alkaline, most 2 part Casting Compounds.

As mentioned above, one aspect of its development was the ability to colour the Nylon with fabric Dye.
A very detailed step by step process can be found here.

Basically, you can use a fabric dye and use it for your models or for your filament prior printing.
So white Nylon and a pack of fabric dye is all you need to print in any colour you like.

About Print 3D:

Print-3D is a 3D printing and rapid prototyping company servicing Sydney and Newcastle. We offer high quality model prototypes and small production runs from wide range of materials and designs.

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