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CAD Design.

Our CAD designers can turn your concept into a 3D CAD model, ready to be manufactured in small or large quantities. Turn your ideas into market ready products at a reasonable price with our digital manufacturing. Contact us now. 

3d Printing.

3D print your model in a day with our local 3D printing. Whether it be for University Assessments, prototypes or replacing hard to find parts. We can deliver your quality 3D print in as little as 24 hours. Upload your model and choose a material now.


Upload your files online or contact us for a free quote. Our printers can print most items within 24 hours.

Image of a 3D Printed sphere 3d printing service sydney

Print-3D is a product design and 3D printing service

We make high quality prototypes and do small production runs. Our materials are selected for strength and accurate printing.

Our additive manufacturing service specialise in Fused Deposition Modelling and SLA resin 3D printing technology. The materials, processes, rapid prototyping and printers that we use allow us to make awesome 3D prints with fast delivery.

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3D printing involves laying thermoplastics in an additive process, resulting in objects that are both durable and accurate.

Image of a SLA 3D Printed figurine


SLA 3D printing offers fantastic detail in standard or tough resin. Great for small detailed models, custom stamps and more.

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Developed by cutting away material, machining is suitable for a range of plastic and metal materials.

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