3D Printing Materials


PLA+ is our standard material. It has the low shrinkage of PLA and improved mechanical properties. It has high layer strength and is far tougher than standard PLA. Your prints will be both accurate and strong.

Carbon Fibre Infused PLA

Adding Carbon Fibre to a toughened PLA makes for super stiff 3D prints. It is accurate to print with because the carbon fibre prevents distortion during printing. If you are after amazingly strong 3D printed parts and a hard high performance thermoplastic, this is the stuff!


ABS is a mixture of 3 chemicals that reacted to make plastic (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene), so can be blended by the manufacturer to have a range of properties. It can be extremely robust when 3D printed in a heated chamber, but is less accurate to print with than PLA. ABS is good if you want parts that must be serviceable at elevated temperatures.

SLA resin is great for detailed models. The parts are printed from a bath of liquid resin. A UV light is used to selectively harden the resin and make the part. The resolution can be 20x higher than standard (FDM) 3D printing. The surface finish is smooth in all un-supported areas. SLA hardened resin parts tend to be brittle unless toughening agents are added.

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